How to build this pyramid...

The pyramid structure is a very stable geometric figure. Even though historically the pyramid is an ancient structure today many building resemble the same shape, but made of new materials such as the Louvre Pyramid in Paris, France or the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The pyramid’s base, which can be any polygon shape, holds the shape firmly to the ground yet it has that uplifting feeling as it points to the sky and out into the universe.

This step pyramid is constructed with four different cuboids (i.e., several unit cubes joined together).

By exploring these unique shapes with our hands

an unlimited creativity and ways of looking at new possibilities will emerge and expand ours and your child’s spacial 3-D perception. We need that structure as well as the exploration.

Ages 5 & Up

Create something out of nothing.

Ancient step pyramids have been found in different parts of the world. They are characterized by layers of stone and have similar designs even though there may not have been any connection between the civilizations. They were built in receding tiers, ranging from two to seven, upon a rectangular or square platform. The artistic, symbolic and technological customs of earlier structures (built of wood, mud-bricks or reeds) are precursors to the step pyramids built of stone.

The most famous example may also be the first (circa 2630 B.C.). The Step Pyramid Tomb of Djoser (Zoser) was designed by the architect, Imhotep, for Pharaoh Djoser, according to the Egyptian concept of the afterlife.

As a child I remember wanting to touch everything around me. My senses were heightened when I could feel the objects’ various textures and manipulate them to create something new. I had that natural drive to build imaginative structures using various materials such as Legos and others.

See what children have created.

KamiKubes blocks will satisfy your child's inner need by building progressively more complex designs and structures, which may lead to other interests and studies.

Build a pyramid, a building, a city with... KamiKubes

Kamikubes building blocks are a new design with patent pending.

  1. The blocks offer unlimited ways of constructing unique designs. 

  2. Each structures captives the imagination and builds self esteem.

  3. This unique new set of building blocks are made up of 64 cubes

  4. They are made of quality environmental rubber wood.

  5. The blocks are light but strong with beautiful wood grain. 

  6. The smooth finish makes them very appealing to touch. 

  7. The base holds the blocks and measures 6.5 in. square.

  8. Instruction booklet included for the pyramid and other structures.

  9. Great for travel and use on desk top. 

  10. Conforms to product safety standards.

  11. May be stained or painted for more fun. 

  12. Creative activity for even adults!

The pyramid is available in the organic natural wood or yellow color.

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