Numbers Naturally

Children are naturally drawn to counting especially between the ages of 3-5. With this "Number Box" it is easy as you can see in the video. They  are genuinely enthusiastic doing this clear and self-correcting activity.

I love how children correct themselves without the constant adults correction. Therefore, the internalization is so much faster and they will be more turned on to learning, which is an innate activity, anyway. As adults we need to nurture that enthusiasm.

Recognizing the amount that matches the number symbol is the beginning of understanding math as an abstract concept. Doing this activity opens up a whole new world to the child.

Instructions included.

Number Box: Ages (3-5)


  1. Based on early childhood studies

  2. Matching, counting & naming the numbers

  3. Simple and self correcting

  4. Ideal for children ages 3-5

  5. Made of solid quality hardwood

  6. Painted with safe colors & resins with smooth finish

  7. Box serves as a storage for the ten squares

  8. Size: box length approx. 15”

  9. Meets the size requirement of the Consumer Product Safety Commission

  10. Design by Kamitoys™ Inc., USA

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