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Why KamiKubes?

Since my name, Kamille, is kind of unique (thank you mom) slicing it together with the word “cubes” a cube being the basic structure of these blocks and replacing the “c” with K again for a unique purpose, is the basis for the why.

The more important reason is that these blocks represent a creative medium with unlimited possibilities as a starting point to conversations of unlimited potential between adults and children.

By handling few small objects with your fingers the memory in the muscles creates a synopsis of connections between the brain and the hands.

As you unlock the creativity within you an awareness of your own potential transcends the present moment into a feeling of being connected to others. 

Conversation about anything that comes to mind at that moment can lead to heightened connectedness with that adult or child.

These blocks are more than just building blocks. Your imagination will soars to create possibilities of your dreams.

Join my blog and be inspired by others.

Both colors natural and yellow blocks are safe, non-toxic and meet all U.S. standards. Patent pending.

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