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Natural Kamikubes
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The best toys for your child may be the simpler ones.

You are looking for that perfect toy to keep your child busy for those few minutes or even seconds while you go and do what ever you need to do as a caring and loving parent.

No toys is a perfect toy. What matters most is the relationship you have with your child while he is playing or rather working to learn and experience what ever comes through his senses. The unconditional love you both share opens the way to unlimited gifts that nourish his body, mind and spirit.

My toy designs you see here come from that deep connection to my children and the extension of my childhood experiences. Their purpose is to foster that awesome loving relationship between you and your child with beauty, simplicity and to lead you into the discovery of your own inner voice so that when you relate to your child and others you still see the wonder and the beauty in our world with an open mind.

Wishing you all the wonders in this lifetime journey!



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