Yellow is the first color perceived by the human eye. It evokes joy and clarity. My daughter was crazy about yellow flowers when she was one year old. Her excitement was contagious.

Red is screaming for attention and action. My son used to get so excited when he saw a shiny, red fire truck. We regularly visited the fire station in his first three years.

Blue is the color of tranquility and peace which supports creativity. Nurturing the right side of the brain especially in the first six years creates balance.

Love being the highest of all vibrational energies brings wholeness to our existence.

Colors energize our senses and strengthen our emotions and brain- power.

Certain colors stimulate the logical (left) side of our brain while other colors stimulate the creative (right) side.

Red, orange and yellow energize and excite us;  green, blue and violet relax us. Furthermore, some colors encourage communication, while others evoke stillness. Color sensitivity thus helps us create the balance that we all strive for.

Talk about colors with your child, explore and bring wonder; such as what it means to “be green,” etc.

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Toys for the Spirit

Rainbow Color Box: Ages (2-5)

Colored squares are matched to the colors on the wooden plank or arranged by memory on the unpainted side in the order of a rainbow starting with any color.

Playing and talking about colors with your child is the key to enhancing your relationship and nurturing a loving spirit. Use this tool for an open and vibrant discussion on various topics.

Made of soft maple. Hand painted with non-toxic colors, glue and water base safe finish. Made in USA.

Comes with inspirational lessons.

Size: 15” x 2” x 1”

Buy: $59.95

Availability: only 5

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