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Where’s the ball?

Hidden-Ball-Box: Ages (1-2)

A child’s first awareness that an object can appear repeatedly after it has been hidden is a philosophical realization on the primary level. Figuring out where the object went satisfies the child’s need to solve problems.

Your child puts the ball through the hole in the lid, then slides the lid to the other end of the box to lift the ball, which has rolled itself there. Thereby learning that hidden objects can still exist. Your child will repeat this action over and over again.

Children love to put things inside containers, and this is the time to introduce simple toys. The use of knobs and puzzle shapes requires special hand and finger grips which prepares the child for writing and other fine motor skills.

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The wooden ball is hand painted with natural colors and meets the size requirement of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The box is made of solid maple wood which is finished with child-safe natural resins.

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