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A decision to finally jump off-the-cliff, figuratively speaking, and to start this small business was a total leap of faith. My thought was, perhaps I could make a difference in someone’s life, but intuitively I knew it had to start with me. The only option I gave myself is to feel complete and fulfilled by accepting who I am without reservation. The feeling of being fulfilled at any given moment of time was literally life changing and to know that I can do things beyond my wildest imagination was comforting to me.

Creating Kamitoys, Inc. comes out of that personal growth. Nurturing that space within me as well as observing and studying the way children learn has given me a purpose to create unique educational materials that nurture children's brain development in body, mind and spirit with a particular focus on the child’s brain development with aesthetics, creativity and safe play in mind.

My past experience
as a graphic designer and as a mom of three children are part of my life. Being involved in an assortment of educational systems; Montessori, public, and private schools for twenty-two years including fourteen years of home and on-line classroom gives me a well rounded perspective.

Join me on Facebook or my Blog to share your child’s growing needs and to nourish our spirits in this challenging but amazing time of our children’s lives. https://www.facebook.com/Kamitoys

My best to you,

Kamille Kiecker




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Happy that I can still be daring.


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